Welcome to Prospect Central

What is Prospect Central?

Prospect Central is the lifeline between you and college baseball. It provides you with the necessary tools to be proactive in your quest to play at the next level. Thru your personal profile, college coaches around the country can follow your progress and obtain unbiased information from the Prospect Central scouts that follow you.

Why Upgrade to a Premium Profile?

Athletes will obtain access to EVERY Div. I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO coach phone and email where you can now control your own destiny! You have the ability to network with college coaches and communicate with them. You can upload your own video highlights for coaches to see. Have Top Prospect scouts that have worked with MLB for 20 years, evaluate and post factual data on your profile to increase your chances of advancement.

Why Do I Need My Video Scouted?

This is an add-on feature that has a secondary charge and is focused on the development of the athlete. A Major League Scout will critique and grade your video giving you the most expert advice on where you are currently at in your progress.

Why Should I Request a Prospect Central Scout to come see me personally?

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's there to hear it fall, did it make noise? The fact is ... every athlete needs an advocate and that is exactly what Prospect Central provides. Independent evaluation of the tools and ability of each athlete and then advocates this information. Not only do scouts come and see athletes, but they are at every Prospect Central tournament, where players get to be seen on multiple occasions and therefore creating a model of consistency... vs. the normal method of "showcasing".

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